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Is Fitness Buddy just another personal training app?


We’ve reviewed a lot of different fitness apps over the past few months, Nike Training Club is great for simple cardio workouts and iMuscle is one of our favourites for targeting and understanding how specific muscle groups work. However, Fitness Buddy might just be the best we’ve come across yet, providing users with an extensive library of easy-to-follow exercises, as well as ways to track progress and monitor your health all for under a pound.

What does it do?

Fitness Buddy is just that, your ideal companion for getting fit. The app provides you with a way to record all of your favourite exercises and workouts, view how-to guides of more than 1700 exercises and keep track of important stats about your body, all wrapped up in an intuitive interface and clean design.

The exercises

One of the best things about Fitness Buddy is that it contains such an extensive library of around 1700 exercises. You can begin searching for exercises by specifying a particular muscle, which is great for conditioning or building up a certain area of your body. You can pick from a detailed diagram of a human body, which is great because it provides you with a better understanding of how your body works and how muscle groups operate together.

Each exercise comes with a step-by-step animation, written guide and video, along with a number of different diagrams to ensure you’re doing everything right and don’t hurt yourself You’ve also got the option to record your exercises, add them into your diary or include them in one of your larger, tailored workouts.

You can play around with these separate exercises if you’d like, which is ideal if you’ve got a specific area in mind. However, there’s also a selection of 75 built-in work-outs that are specially designed for all kinds of things, like leg strengthening to basketball sports conditioning. Although it may take a bit of fiddling around to collect all of your favourite exercises together, you can also create your own workout too, to store for future reference.

The extras

There’s a whole load of great extras with Fitness Buddy too, like a diary section to keep track of everything you’ve been doing and a place to store weight and body metrics so you can monitor your progress and set goals and targets.

The app has a built-in music player, and although you can obviously play Spotify or iTunes in the background, it might be useful to have a few tracks saved within the app specifically for working out too.

Who needs the Fitness Buddy?

The exercises are so easy-to-follow that Fitness Buddy would be a great app for those of all levels, even complete beginners who need a bit of extra knowledge and motivation to get them started. The extensive options to track your fitness and progress do also suggest it’s for those who are into their fitness and want a better way of monitoring how their body is responding as apposed to relying on instincts or keeping notes on scraps of paper!

Overall Fitness Buddy is one of our favourite fitness apps because it’s crammed full of useful content, it’s easy-to-use AND allows us to track our progress and all kinds of important stats in a simple way.

Available from iTunes for 69p, which is a good price to say the extensive amount of content you’ll have available in the palm of your hands…

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