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HeartCheck Pen Device gives heart readings on-the-go

heart-check-penWhile we were at CES a fortnight ago we came across a device from Qualcomm-owned AliveCor, which attaches to any iPhone to give users accurate heart readings wherever they are. It seems that these kinds of compact and easy-to-use ECG reading devices are on the rise, which is no surprise given how vital the readings they produce could be in an emergency – the AliveCor device has allegedly already saved one life!

Now CardioComm Solutions has decided to venture into the heart reading space too with its new HeartCheck Pen Device, a gadget that you can easily carry with you, which can give you accurate readings in just 30 seconds. The pen stores up to 20 ECGs and you can keep the data, download it, email it, or send it to your doctor or another medical professional to check and monitor. If identified by a professional, these readings could then help to identify all kinds of problems, including coronary heart disease, heart failure, pericarditis and many more heart complications.

Although we were impressed by AliveCor’s offering, the Heartcheck Pen Device is even more accessible as you don’t already need an iPhone to take, store and send readings. This means it’s ideal for taking readings on-the-go, nursing homes and hospitals and even providing remote communities with the tools to keep track of their health when there are no local ECG machines.

The HeartCheck Pen Device isn’t widely available, but any organisations or individuals who are interested should get in touch with CardioComm for more information about whether the device is right for them.

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