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CES 2012: Video demo of the Fitbit Aria scales

The intelligent scales department is starting to heat up. Last year Withings launched an wireless scale and followed it with a scale aimed at infants at CES 2012.

Now Fitbit, famed for the Ultra wireless clip on fitness/activity tracker, has also entered the market with the Aria Wi-Fi scale.

The Aria does many of the things the Withings does – namely measure weight, body fat, and body mass index – it also automatically uploads the data to a web which the user can track their progress.

The key difference is that the Aria can track up to eight different users, making it ideal for families, college dorms etc.

It will be on sale shortly and priced at $129.99 in the US. Fitbit’s products normally end up on sale via Firebox in the UK.

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  1. annablah says:

    Awesome video! I got to get one of these. Can’t believe it does all that.

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