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Snore Stopper: Can a new gadget really combat snoring?

snore-stopperIf you live with someone who snores you know how annoying it can be night after night when you’re trying to get to sleep. Of course there are all kinds of medicines, natural remedies and even nose strips created to try and stop people from snoring or help them with other breathing related disorders, but some never seem to have much luck.

Well a gadget called the Snore Stopper aims to help even the noisiest of ‘snorers’ get a silent night’s sleep. You wear the device on your wrist and then it employs a kind of TENS technology, which means when it recognises snoring sounds it’ll stimulate nerves in your wrist and arm. Assuming you’re not in too much of a deep sleep, this will then cause you to change your position and hopefully stop snoring. According to the makers of the device, this stimulation shouldn’t wake you up or cause you any damage like some other methods would.

We’re not guaranteeing it’ll work for anyone, after all it’s quite basic and just sits on your wrist. However, it’s worth trying as a last resort if nothing else is working and you’re driving your partner a little bit crazy!

You can buy the Snore Stopper online from Gizoo for £9.95.

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