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Connected Health » Health Gadgets » Blip aims to be the world’s first wi-fi blood pressure monitor

Blip aims to be the world’s first wi-fi blood pressure monitor


A lot of gadgets have been launched over the past few years that provide regular people with the basic tools and data reading apps to monitor their blood pressure from home, giving them the freedom to really take control of their health.

However, a new start-up is now hoping to bring those who are concerned with tracking their blood pressure a new way of taking readings, which requires even less extra equipment or technical knowledge.

Blip is the world’s first wi-fi blood pressure monitoring gadget, which means it can be used to keep track of someone’s blood pressure regardless of whether they’ve got a smart phone. Many similar gadgets use bluetooth to transfer information from one device to another, but Blip only needs a wi-fi network to work its magic and sends the data straight to the web.

This way loved ones can get alerts if someone forgets to take a reading or if the readings are outside a set of pre-defined parameters. All of the data is then sent to the web where it’s collected together and drawn up into analytical reports, which can be used to track when blood pressure is highest and averages over certain periods of time.

The Blip is great for elderly relatives or those who need to track their blood pressure but also want others to be able to intervene at any time.

Visit Blip on Indiegogo for more information.

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