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Geko: A new gadget that could prevent blood clots

geko-gadgetA new gadget called the Geko aims to prevent blood clots by sending electrical signals to activate the muscles in your lower limbs, which would be an ideal solution for those who aren’t able to move for long periods of time or have other health complications to deal with.

The official medical term for the build up of blood clots (usually in a patient’s legs) is called Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT. It’s usually a problem which affects those who are laid down for long periods of time, like elderly people or those in hospital. However, it has been known to occur (very rarely) during long haul flights too, when passengers are sat down for too long without any movement in their limbs.

These blood clots become life threatening when they dislodge, so it’s important to try and prevent them through a range of methods, like regular movement, but obviously that’s not always easy, particularly when it comes to bed-bound individuals or those who are recovering from an illness or operation.

The Geko device is the size of a standard watch and is worn around a person’s knee without any wires or uncomfortable extras added on, which makes it much more likely to be effective. It then works to stimulate different nerves within your lower limbs with electrical pulses, so your muscles become activated and the blood starts pumping as normal again.

The gadget isn’t widely available and if you’re interested in finding out more about purchasing one, you can check out the distributor information on Geko’s website. However, if it’s manufactured on a larger scale in the next few years we imagine it’ll be popular in hospitals and nursing homes across the globe.

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