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Your car could soon be equipped to take your pulse

driving-wheelOver the past year we’ve become accustomed to gadgets that read our pulses when we’re working out or just going about our daily business, but soon your car might be able to monitor your stats throughout the course of a journey to check you’re fit, health and most importantly alert enough to be behind the wheel.

According to The Wall Street Journal this week, a number of big car manufacturers are looking into ways to add health tracking tech into their vehicles. A number of biometric sensors would be able to monitor a driver’s vital health signs, like their pulse and breathing. Not only would it be to make sure the driver is alert, but the data gathered from the sensors could also be fed back into the vehicle’s computer in order to better manage the driver’s safety and maybe put more energy into certain systems depending on how they’re feeling.

Not only could the new technology be a breakthrough in more intelligent vehicles and ensuring we’re fit and healthy, but as WSJ points out it’s a big step towards self-driving cars too.

[Via WSJ Image via Martin Kozaik’s Flickr]

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