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New glasses stop jet-lag and reset your body clock

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If you’ve travelled across continents you’ll know that jet lag is a real pain and can take chunks out of your holiday or business travels while you ride it out by complaining, craving carbs and sleeping.

Well now you could try the Re-Timer, a super lightweight gadget that effectively “resets” your body clock with some carefully selected lighting. The new device launched last week slowly emits a soft, green light, which is specially designed to stimulate the part of your brain that regulates your body clock.

The light is then received by photoreceptors within your eyes, which sends a signal to your brain to tell you to wake up and stay really alert, whether you’re jet lagged, working crazy shifts or you’re feeling down during winter time.

Leon Lack, Re-Timer’s Lead Inventor and a Professor of Psychology at Flinder’s University in Australia, said:

“Our extensive research studies have shown that green light is one of the most effective wavelengths for advancing or delaying the body clock.”

The Re-Timer works a lot like the SAD and light boxes that we’re used to seeing during the winter months, but you just, well, strap it to your face for 50 minutes a day for up to three days.

[Via Cnet]

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