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Wahoo takes on Withings, launches Bluetooth scale


We first came across Wahoo earlier in the year at CES, when the company showed off its Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap and since it’s pioneered a bike controlled by your iPhone and most recently a clever bike computer too, called the RFLKT, that’s also powered by only your mobile.

Now the company looks like it’s set to take on Withings and the like by bringing out its own Bluetooth Smartphone Scale, called the Wahoo Balance, nice name, huh? Hear that Withings with your WS-30?

The new device keeps a track of your weight and BMI and because it works via Bluetooth Smart technology, it’ll automatically send your data to your iPhone and iPad instantly. From there all of your weigh-ins will be collected via the new Wahoo Wellness App or to any other compatible health and fitness app that’s integrated in with Wahoo, like TactioHealth, Monitor Your Weight and a whole host of others.

You can set up different profiles for up to 16 users and even set weight goals to help you lose (or gain) a few pounds here and there.

Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness, said:

“The Wahoo Balance is the latest addition to Wahoo’s line of iPhone powered fitness gear.

“Daily weight monitoring is an important key in reaching your weight loss or fitness goals. With Balance, Wahoo Fitness has fully integrated the iPhone into all aspects of fitness, allowing users to keep all workout and health data conveniently in one device.”

You can pre-order the device from Wahoo Fitness for $99 now, but it won’t be available until December.

[Via Engadget]

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