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Will implantable health gadgets be big in 2013?

Intrapace-abilitiWe’ve all become accustomed to health gadgets that hook onto  our belt loops, sit in our pockets or strap onto our arms, but could gadgets that are implanted into our bodies be the next big health tech trend of 2013?

A US-based company called IntraPace has been developing a gadget that can be implanted into user’s digestive systems in order to stop them feeling hungry.

The abiliti device and weight loss system works by minimising feelings of hunger and attempting to encourage long term weight loss habits, like plenty of exercise and counting calories. The website states:

“Once implanted and activated, the abiliti system is designed to detect when a person consumes food or drink. When food or drink is detected, the system delivers a series of low-energy electrical impulses to the stomach intended to create a feeling of fullness. These electrical impulses are customized to the needs of each individual patient.”

The gadget is implanted using laparoscopic surgery, meaning it’s a serious measure but not as invasive as many other kinds of surgery.

While it’s implanted the abiliti can send data to an online dashboard, allowing users to track their food consumption and share the information with friends, family or medical professionals who are keeping a close eye on the weight loss process.

The abiliti device is obviously quite a drastic measure for those who have exhausted other weight loss options, but it’s ability to suppress hunger and keep constant track of everything that’s happening inside a user’s stomach means that it’s a good alternative to serious gastric band surgery.

[Via Medgadget]

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