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Connected Health » Health Gadgets » The Amron Rinser is a toothbrush and a fountain

The Amron Rinser is a toothbrush and a fountain

amron-rinser-brushOK, so the Amron Rinser may look a bit silly and the design is achingly simple in many ways (why has no one come up with it before?!), but what a cool and pretty darn handy idea.

We can’t put it better than the guys at Amron:

“No disposable cups to buy or throw away. No glass to wash or take up counter space. No changing hands to cup water. And, no more putting your head in the sink. Just aim the fountain where you want the water to be. ”

It’s not just the water fountain feature that will be great for keeping your mouth clean and refreshed, but the bristles are also interchangeable, so you don’t need to buy a whole new brush when they start to look a bit old and raggy.

There’s a demo of the Rinser over at, but we’re pretty confident you can use your dazzling imaginations to glean how it works from the photo above.

The Rinser isn’t available quite yet, but join Amron’s mailing list to find out more.

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