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Eyejusters: Adjustable glasses for those in developing countries


Many of us are used to visiting an optician, receiving a prescription and getting given the correct lenses for our eyes. However, such a tailored, lengthy and often expensive approach just doesn’t work for a predicted 670 million people in developing countries, which means they’re left with poor vision for the rest of their lives.

In order to combat some of these problems, new UK-based company Eyejusters has created a new kind of glasses technology called “SlideLens”, which enables wearers to turn a number of dials and adjust the lenses so they slide across one another and the focus is altered. The idea is that wearers will be able to manipulate the lenses whenever they please to suit their own prescription and by doing it themselves they can save both time and money.

The company predicts that more than 90% of those currently struggling with poor vision could have their sight “corrected” with either its positive power ( for near-sightedness) or negative power (for far-sightedness) solutions, which is a pretty impressive figure.

We’ve heard of glasses that can be adjusted before, but at just $40 Eyejusters could really make a difference without being too costly. We’re really impressed with the technology behind the glasses here at Connected Health, but as Cnet points out, the business acumen of the team at Eyejusters should be applauded too:

“The company will let you buy your own pair for just $40, become a distributor yourself by preordering a distribution kit replete with glasses and vision charts, and even help other distributors get these glasses to those who need them by joining Eyejusters’ Give & Get Community.”

[Via Cnet]

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