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New gadget monitors the time you spend in the sun

uv-monitorThis bright gadget from Oregan Scientific may look like a spirit level or weird DIY device, but it’s designed to reveal how long you can stay out in the sun based on a number of different metrics.

There’s no denying us Brits love to sunbathe because we so rarely experience anything but rain and clouds 99% of the time, but we all know far too well that UV rays are bad for us, even in small doses. So, if you’re planning on making the most of those 5 sunny days here in the UK or a few weeks abroad over the summer months, then you might want to consider getting a portable UV monitor, particularly if you’re pasty or have children with you.

Oregan Scientific has made the EB612 Portable UV Monitor, a pocket-sized device that takes into account UV reading, your sunscreen factor and skin type to determine just how long you can fry your skin before it’s a bit too dangerous. It’s super small and has a countdown timer, digital clock and small digital graphic to show just how strong the sun is at any given moment. Of course you still need to be careful, wear a lot of sunscreen and jump out of it quickly if you’re beginning to feel a little ill, but if you want a bit more peace of mind then throw the EB612 in your suitcase. We just can’t be held responsible for how silly you look holding it up to the sky…

Available from Amazon for £24.95.


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