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Mobilysis app and gadget could make dialysis a whole lot easier


Dialysis is a way of removing waste and excess water from the blood and it’s a lengthy process those living with kidney problems have to go through every week for hours at a time. But now a new gadget and app concept called Mobilysis could change the way dialysis works for the better.

Mobilysis consists of a large, but comfortable, belt that’s worn around the patient’s waist. Clothes are able to fit over the device and there are special compartments for waste and power, so patients can go about their usual daily routine while having the dialysis treatment, or even sleep throughout the night and it’ll still work as efficiently as in the hospital.

The Mobilysis system doesn’t just come with the belt, there’s also an accompanying iPhone application, which provides users with all kinds of information, like how the current cycle is going, heart rate, the capacity of the waste cartridge and battery life.

There’s an SOS button, so if the patient has any trouble they can quickly and easily make an emergency call, and you can immediately send detailed reports about the sessions directly to your doctor so they can keep accurate records.

Although the Mobilysis device and its handy app are still prototypes at the moment, if they become approved they could revolutionise dialysis treatment and give patients a lot more freedom and control over their health.

[Via Yanko Design]

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