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Reflexology massager provides TLC for tired hands

Do your hands feel a bit achy after a long week in front of the computer? You’re not alone. Feeling tension and aches in your wrists and fingers after spending countless of hours clicking away on the keyboard is a common problem among UK office workers. If you’re suffering from mouse-hand, provide them with some TLC with this hand reflexology massager.

Similar to hand reflexology, the hand massager compresses trigger points on the palm and the back of your hand using a mechanical air pressure system. According to manufacturer Hammacher Schlemmer, a team of physiotherapists found the massager ‘effective in relieving pain and discomfort in hands’.

How do you use it? Simply insert one hand at a time into the device’s soft polyester interior and hit the start button to choose between a 5, 10 or 15 minute session. The massager will then apply a gentle, soothing massage to both the top and bottom of the hand. With the option of four levels you can ensure the pressure is just right for you. Moreover, it can also provide infrared heating during the sessions that promotes better circulation.

Available online for around £75 ($119.59) it is not the cheapest of gadgets around, but could be well worth it – especially if you suffer from cold hands during winter!


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