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Monitor your blood pressure at home with the CardioDock

If you, like me, avoid the doctor’s office until absolutely necessary but still need to keep an eye on your blood pressure the Medisana CardioDock may be just the thing for you.

With the help of your iPhone, the CardioDock lets you track your blood pressure from day to day in the comfort of your own home. The dock, available from Firebox for £99.99, comes with an easy-to-use arm cuff and is ready for use. Simply place your iPhone – or iPod Touch – in the dock, wrap the cuff around your arm and let them do their thing.

The CardioDoc will take five separate readings over several seconds, and then provide you with an average of the readings for a more accurate result. Afterwards the dock will upload the info to your iPhone for safekeeping so that you can monitor your blood pressure over time. You can also note down a comment on how your feel or list any activity you’ve been doing that may or may not have influenced the readings. This makes spotting trends and spikes easier, and you will be able to provide your GP with accurate data.

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