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New torch-like health gadget can kill bacteria and germs

germ-killing-lightAn innovative new health gadget, which looks a lot like a regular torch, has been developed to kill bacteria and germs in remote locations.

The new gizmo, known as the ‘plasma flashlight’, has been in development for some time and has been specially created for those working in the medical profession in remote locations or dangerous zones that don’t have access to regular germ-fighting medications or large equipment.

It may look pretty simple, but it’s actually a clever gadget that emits ionised gas to specific areas in order to kill germs and infections, which doesn’t break the skin, it just leaves it nice and clean. Like, SUPER clean. Unlike similar devices that sterilise wounds and other areas of the body, the plasma flashlight doesn’t need a huge power supply, extreme temperatures, extra equipment or water, it just works solely with a 12 volt battery.

The researchers have even proved that the new device is effective at killing germs that have proved resistant to certain antibiotics and heat treatments in the past. Ken Ostrikov, from the Plasma Nanoscience Centre in Australia, said:

“In this study, we chose an extreme example to demonstrate that the plasma flashlight can be very effective even at room temperature […] For individual bacteria, the inactivation time could be just tens of seconds.”

[Via Healthcare Global]

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