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Watchie helps keep dementia patients safe

There’s been a lot of talk about dementia recently, especially after news that the UK Government intends to increase the funding for research into dementia to £66million by 2015. This is welcome news, but what about those who are already suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s? How can we ensure they are safe?

It is not easy taking care of someone with dementia, especially if they live with you rather than in a home. If you fit into this category, there is a new device coming to the market that could give caregivers some peace of mind.

Watchie, a GPS locator, looks and is worn like a watch and includes GPS technology and a SIM card to accurately track the user both indoors and outdoors. As the caregiver, you can set up specific safe zones and get alerts if the wearer goes beyond these. There is also a panic button that the wearer can press if they find themselves lost

You can monitor where the Watchie is via a website or and iPhone or iPad app. Unfortunately, there is no news of an Android version yet.

Watchie will work in 145 countries and is expected to launch soon.

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