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Stop slouching with iPosture

For many of us work involves sitting in front of a computer for hours upon end. Not only does this affect our eye sight negatively but also our posture. Bad posture can lead to all kinds of health problems down the line, so we should all really think of ways to improve it before it’s too late. Guess what, now there’s a health gadget for that!

The iPosture comes with WINS, or Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor, a microchip that monitors stance several times every second. It works by detecting any deviation greater than three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute, upon which it will send out vibrations to notify the user that they aren’t in the optimum position. So every time you slouch it will buzz ever so slightly to remind you to sit or stand up straight.

The tiny disk sits close to the skin of the chest and can either be clipped to the shirt or bra, be worn as a necklace or attached to the skin.

iPosture is available now for around $75 (£50).

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