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Omron launches sleep monitoring and movement devices

omron-gadgetEver since Zeo launched its Sleep Manager device last year many different companies have attempted to make their mark on the lucrative sleep monitoring market. It seems as consumers we all just love finding out more about the way we sleep and different recommendations for getting a better night’s kip. What an angry and irritable bunch we must all be!

Well this week, industrial tech and healthcare company Omron has unveiled its new pair of sleep monitoring gadgets, specially designed to watch, monitor and analyse exactly what you get up to on a night.

The sensors within the gadgets work out how much sleep you’re getting by monitoring your movements, assuming that the more still you are while you’re sleeping the better night’s sleep you’re getting in the long run.

According to Engadget, the device has a radio-frequency sensor that can measure any movement within a five foot range. There’s then a small sensor that lives underneath your pillow too to measure how much your head is rolling around!

The devices are set to be launched in Japan soon, with an all-important mobile app on the way soon too.

It may seem very similar to other sleep gadgets we’ve seen recently, but it’s good that Omron’s new offering works without having to be strapped to our arms, heads an bodies. After all, nothing is guaranteed to disturb your sleep more than a gadget attached to your forehead, no matter how comfy it’s supposed to be.

[Via Engadget]



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