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High tech Zaggora Hotpants promise to tone up and reduce cellulite

January may soon be just a distant memory, and so with it most of our promises to shape up and improve both our mind and body with well-thought out New Year’s resolutions.

For most women, losing a few pounds and tackling the signs of cellulite (everyone gets it, even supermodels!) is high up on the list of things they’d like to do. Eating healthy and scrubbing ones thighs with coffee grounds (hey don’t judge!) are ways to combat the dreaded cellulite, but what if there was a product that could help you get ready for the beach season…

The Zaggora Hotpants claim to help you reduce visible cellulite and lose two dress sizes in TWO WEEKS by wearing them when you exercise, around the house doing chores and when you sleep.

How does it work? Every woman has layer under their skin of connective tissue. When this is breaks it allows for fat cells to come through to the surface, et voila, the cellulite appears! The high-tech hotpants by Zaggora use bio-ceramic material to reflect warmth back at the body to boost your circulation, which in turn helps reduce cellulite and tone up the thighs and tummy.

They might be a bit awkward to wear at first, especially as they make a rustling sound when you walk, but after a while you’ll hardly notice they are there (that is until you have to visit the ladies – be prepared for a bit of sweat, that’s all we’re saying). We have got a pair that we’re going to test for ourselves over the next couple of weeks so will let you know how we get on.

The Hotpants are available in standard black (£44.99) but also now comes in nude, which are thinner, lighter and less noisy, so that you can wear them underneath your clothes day in and day out! You can also buy Flares (£69.99) and Capri Flares (£59.99) that target your calves, thighs and bottom.


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2 Responses to "High tech Zaggora Hotpants promise to tone up and reduce cellulite"

  1. Shay says:

    We started a facebook fan page dedicated to those who love these Hot Pants and who are loosing weight fast from them. We swap our old for something new and swap sizes when we get the wrong size in! We also post deals every few days so get the best discount on our Hot pants! Join us on facebook at and start swapping out your pants when they DO WORK and you need a new pair:) Great article to get the word out for sure. Use Zaggoras with exercise and maximize the results!

  2. Great blog post!! I LOVE my zaggoras, I did the two week challenge and it melted away nearly all my cellulite as well as 5 inchs off my waist, hips, thighs & bum!!

    I recommend them to anyone who listens! Haha.
    I also found a cool coupon code that gets 10% off at the checkout for anyone who is looking to get on the Zaggora band wagon! Just use “goodbyecellulite” at the check out!

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