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CES 2012: Video demo of Valencell’s fitness monitoring technology

Over the past few months we’ve come across various gadgets that utilise in-ear technologies to get the most accurate health and fitness metrics (take a look at the Iqua Beat device we covered last week). At CES we also came across a company called Valencell, which aims to find out important physiological data from the wearer through their ear.

Valencell has worked its technology into small earbuds that contain the all-important tiny sensors, they then collect the data and deliver it back to a mobile device, allowing the user to see important metrics about their heart rate, calories burned and the speed they’re working at.

Other than the cool earbuds the company is pioneering, Valencell’s technologies will also be interesting to watch in the future as the in-ear system could be used in military monitoring, gaming applications or work force monitoring.

Check out our chat with one of the Valencell team about what the devices offer and what they could be used for in the coming years.

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