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The Iqua Beat could be the ultimate fitness gadget

iqua-beatYesterday we explored some of the key digital health trends we’re expecting to see at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. One of the main trends was a move toward fitness gadgets that aren’t just about motivating beginners, but are aimed at dedicated fitness fanatics and athletes too, who want to train better and achieve more, and the Iqua Beat from Iqua is designed especially for that purpose.

The Iqua Beat is different from other fitness and health monitoring gadgets because it aims to tailor a work-out to your body and fitness level and you can also set your own personal targets for speed and distance. While you’re training (whether you’re at the gym, running or cycling), the gadget then tracks the steps you take, your heart rate (using infrared sensors in the special earpiece), the route you take, the distance you travel and the speed you’re running at. As the Iqua Beat consists of a headset, you also get feedback about how you’re doing, guidance and motivation to try and help you hit your targets. You can also listen to music, take and make calls with the Beat too, so you’re less inclined to give up and waste any time.

The gadget works alongside a dedicated app where all your work-outs are stored for you to view and then plan more fitness goals and work-out routines for the future. As you’d expect there are also social sharing options too, which is ideal if you like to show off about your achievements on Facebook or you’re part of a group of friends aiming to get fit and compete.

There are similar apps and gadgets already available, but it’s the accuracy of the Iqua Beat that makes it stand out, as it uses infrared technology to monitor exactly how your body’s responding to exercise. The gadget also appeals to all kinds of people, from beginners to athletes and doesn’t seem as condescending as other apps that just promise to get you moving and don’t seem concerned about pushing you to be even better.

The Iqua Beat’s release date is still TBC, but we imagine Iqua will want to get moving with the Beat quickly as this is potentially a very lucrative market.

Here’s a video of the Iqua Beat in action which we shot at CES 2012 in Las Vegas:

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