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Sleep tech company Lark launches Nike FuelBand rival, the Larklife

lark-life-gadgetUS-based tech company Lark has always focused on products that’ll help you get a better night’s sleep and understand your snoozing habits. There’s the original Lark gadget, the company’s first product, which acts as a silent, vibrating alarm clock, then there’s the Lark Pro, dubbed a “personal sleep coach in your pocket.” Well now the brand is venturing out of the bedroom and wants to become a key part of our everyday lives with its Larklife tracking device.

The Larklife is a tracking gadget like many you can find on the market at the moment, which attaches onto your wrist much like Nike’s FuelBand and Jawbone’s Up, instantly making it a hit for those who don’t like to fiddle around with devices and attach them to their clothes (we’re looking at you FitBit…).

The device will happily track your workouts, set your reminders, track and monitor the quality of your sleep, wake you up in the morning, help you monitor food alongside an app and provide you with motivational tips throughout the day. It really is your own little life coach on your wrist…

Of course it’s very similar to Nike’s FuelBand in style and does many of the same things we’re seeing from BodyMedia and Fitbit’s offerings, however it stands out a little from the rest because it has an alarm to wake you up in the morning with gentle vibrations, automatically syncs via Bluetooth, uses advanced tech to tell whether you’re running or walking and finally it serves up great advice based on the things it already knows. For example, if you didn’t get much sleep last night, the device will tell the app to tell you that you should be eating certain foods to really boost those energy levels.

In this way the Larklife becomes much more of a personal life coach rather than just a way to track your fitness and beat your exercise goals. Let’s also not forget that the Lark team are sleep tech specialists, so if you’re a big believer in quality of sleep impacting on quality of life (which is obviously true), then the Larklife is probably going to give you the most accurate and useful experience.

We haven’t got out little mits on a Larklife yet, so it’s impossible to really compare it to other devices. However, we love the simple design, app interface and the fact it’s got pretty much every area of your life covered.

The Larklife is due out later this year for $149 and can be pre-ordered from Lark’s website.


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