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Scosche launches RHYTHM pulse monitor fitness gadget

rhythm-armbandScosche is a tech brand that’s really trying to work its way firmly into the health and tech arena with its latest offering, the RHYTHM pulse monitor armband.

The new RHYTHM device is an all-singing, all-dancing fitness tracking and workout companion, which comes with a highly accurate pulse monitor that’s bluetooth enabled, so data can be sent to other devices wirelessly. It hooks up with an iPhone app and web dashboard, which is fully customisable, meaning you can control the data you see and how you see it, so it’s great for anyone from a casual jogger to an athlete in training.

Just like Nike+ Running and other similar apps, you can analyse a map interface, see where you ran and how you were doing every step of the way.

To make it easier to workout without messing around with your phone, the app syncs up all of your music, meaning you can play and control music from the armband quickly and easily.

Let’s get something straight here, the RHYTHM isn’t really here to compete with the likes of the Fitbit or Nike Fuelband or any other devices that are designed to be worn with 24/7.

Instead this latest device from Scosche is much more about better understanding your body when you’re working out, which is what I’m personally after right now, a really accurate, highly sensitive device that helps me to get fitter, not something that’ll track everything I do all the time, I’m starting to find that a bit tedious. Am I the only one?


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