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Fitbit launches the affordable new Zip fitness gadget


The fitness gadget specialists over at Fitbit have launched a new device called Zip, which is a more basic option than previous gizmos and has been built solely for those who just want to count steps, keep track of the calories they’ve burned and take a closer look at their daily data via the company’s comprehensive online dashboard with sharing and gaming features.

Zip is a cute little gadget that’s slightly smaller than Fitbit’s Ultra but wider and more like a traditional pedometer. It’s sweat and waterproof and hooks directly onto your clothes. From what we can tell it’s probably a much better shape than the Fitbit Ultra and more practical too. Its accelerometer will display the steps you’ve taken, distance covered and calories burned (based on your personal stats) throughout the day and it’s so simple to use, just tap the screen to change the data on the display.

It comes with a USB dongle, but your data can be synced wirelessly to your iPhone through Bluetooth 4.0 and it runs solely off watch batteries too (that last about 4 to 6 months before they need to be replaced), so it takes away the need for complicated cables and lots of charging if you’d rather not mess around.

You can choose between blue, magenta, lime green, grey and white options and we imagine it’ll be a brilliant option for those who want a gadget to track their daily activity, but don’t want something as high end as the Ultra.

Oh and also did we mention it smiles at you when you take a lot of steps?

As you’d expect, the Zip is cheaper than previous Fitbit devices at £49.99 and you can order it from the Fitbit store now.

Check out the Fitbit website for more information about the Zip:

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