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Connected Health » Fitness Gadgets » Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer, a bike powered by your iPhone

Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer, a bike powered by your iPhone

wahoo-kickrWe’ve come across a number of Wahoo products here on Connected Health before, like the Blue HR heart rate strap, but now the app and sensor specialists are about to launch a new mobile-powered workout solution, which allows you to control an exercise bike from your phone.

Wahoo’s KICKR PowerTrainer uses Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology to sync up to your gym bike, allowing you to change the resistance of the equipment all from a dedicated app on your iOS device.

This means you can simulate climbs, descents and flat training and even create structured fitness programmes before you even hit the gym, just tap your mobile and you’ve got more control than you’ve ever had of your workout all from one screen.

The KICKR PowerTrainer hooks up with other training apps too, which allow you to see GPS-tagged video simulations of different kinds of terrain, like the Kinomap Trainer and TrainerRoad. That way you’re even more likely to have an enjoyable and worthwhile workout, because you can simulate different kinds of resistance as you go over different kinds of terrain, like a harder push as you climb a hill or no resistance as you cruise along.

[Via Wired]

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