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Enso Pearl tracks time when you’re interval training

enso-pearl-imageStop watches, apps, interval timers, there are countless ways to keep track of time with fitness gadgets specially designed to make working out a little bit easier, but nothing looks quite as slick and weird as the Enso Pearl.

It may sound like the name of a new tampon brand, but the Enso Pearl is in fact a compact device that counts down to a specific time to form a full circle.

Some other fitness gadgets can be a bit distracting when all you want to do is keep track of reps or change yoga positions, so the Enso Pearl is designed to be super simple and provides you with a clear and visual idea of how much time you have left. It can be set to give you audio cues when times are up, but think more Chinese singing bowls than annoying beeps.

You can set up to 50 sequential times and we think it’s the perfect companion to yoga, interval training or hell, even napping so you wake up on time.

Oh and in case you were wondering Enso means circle in Japanese. See, you learn something new everyday.

Available from Firebox for a rather pricey £69.99.

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