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TomTom and Nike team up for new range of sports watches

nike-sportwatchAnother day, another exciting announcement from Nike. Today the sports brand has unveiled a new range of Nike+ sports watches in collaboration with the navigation experts at TomTom.

Nike has had a range of sports watches for some time now, but this week the devices have had a revamp, with a selection of cool new colours and most importantly a raft of software improvements that set them apart from the older versions.

Some of the new features include a stopwatch with best lap time, average lap time and individual lap time, customisable screen, customisable metrics and auto-looping metrics as well as much more.

However, the most significant improvement has to be that Nike+ sports watch users now have access to Nike’s intelligent measure of athletic ability, called NikeFuel.  This basically converts your running mileage into units that measure movements in a wide variety of different sports. This makes it easy for people to compare their performance and share achievements with their networks.

Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director from TomTom, said:

“Our extended range of products will be very useful to those adding running into their exercise regime.  And the new NikeFuel measurement brings added motivation, allowing people to share and compare their performance with friends in other sports.”

We’re excited about the new range of colours that are being introduced too, which are chosen to match Nike’s other apparel and range of shoes. They’re available in black/anthracite, anthracite/blue and green and will cost between £129 – £149 from in the coming months.

Nike is fast proving to be a pioneering brand when it comes to merging the worlds of sports products, gaming and gadgets that all work together to really make a difference to your personal fitness.



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