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Motorola’s MotoACTV watch gets Twitter and Facebook integration

motorola-motoactvMotorola’s MotoACTV smart watch complete with MP3 player, GPS tracking and all kinds of workout data has had a new update this week, which means you can now use it to view Facebook and Twitter posts too, all from its teeny tiny screen.

As well as getting a fancy new social media style update, the devices now also provide users with more heart rate data, better workout planning and different ways of viewing workout maps too.

The integration is a great addition for social media addicts like ourselves who can’t spend more than a few minutes away from tweets, photos and updates.

However, we can’t help but think it might be better to have fitness gadgets that sit apart from the world of social media in order to keep us all focused and make sure we take our workouts as seriously as possible. After all we can have an hour away from Twitter to go a run without experiencing withdrawal symptoms, can’t we?

If you’ve already got a MotoACTV, connect it up to your computer and download the update.

Find out more about the Motorola MotoACTV.

[Via The Verge]

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