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Listen to music as you workout with the Hoodie Buddie

hoodie-buddieThe Hoodie Buddie’s patented technology allows you to easily listen to your favourite tunes as you workout, by plugging the sweater’s drawstrings into your ears. But, we can’t be held responsible if people look at you like you’re insane…

When you workout you can often find yourself carrying all kinds of things with you, keys, bank cards, your phone, your iPod, the list really could go on and on (and on and on). So, we love finding gadgets and accessories that make life a bit easier and the Hoodie Buddie doesn’t just make your workouts easier, but that little bit cosier too.

The Hoodie Buddie uses a kind of tech called HB3Technology, so it contains a regular headphone jack in the front pocket that you can plug into any device that usually takes headphones, so your favourite mp3 player, iPod, iPhone or any other mobile. Once you’ve plugged the device in and started playing your favourite motivational tunes they’ll travel through cables in the hoodie into the special headphones, which you’ll find built into the ends of the drawstrings.

The Hoodie Buddie is a quirky gadget/fitness clothing hybrid and not only does it make everything much easier, allow you to stick it in the wash (yep, even the headphones) while you’re out and about, but the sound quality is pretty good too, well… to say you’re listening with the aid of a hoodie anyway, which we’re still not convinced about.

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