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Motorola MotoActv fitness tracker: The ultimate gadget for fitness fanatics?


We came across the Motorola MotoActv fitness tracking gadget at CES earlier in the year, but now it’s widely available in the UK it seems it could be the ultimate device for fitness fanatics who don’t just want to track what they’re doing but want to push themselves further and notice improvements in their workouts too.

There are a lot of gadgets available at the moment for those who find it hard to get up and motivate themselves, allowing them to track basic activities and provide them with an incentive to do a little more. But what if you’re already really serious when it comes to your fitness?

Well the Motorola MotoActv is a device that’s a little more advanced than other gadgets we’ve recently seen on the market. It’s essentially a personal trainer, fitness tracker and music player all rolled into one lightweight device that looks a little like an iPod Nano with a strap.

The device is a capable music player, allowing you to store up to 8GB of music and listen to it all while you train. Interestingly it’ll tell you which tunes make you train better and which seem to leave you feeling a bit sluggish too!

The tracking element of the device records data about everything you’d expect, like the calories you’ve burned and the route you’ve taken with its GPS, but there’s a big focus on training harder and beating your personal goals as well. You can then sync everything up to your PC, like you do with other tracking gadgets, making it easier to view the data and share it.

Just like you can with Nike+ and its ecosystem, you can set up challenges with anyone else who uses the MotoActv web portal too, which is good to create a bit of friendly competition and make you up your game next time you work out as well.

One of the other reasons that we think the gadget might only be best for serious fitness fanatics is because it’s quite pricey, at £249.99 for the premium bundle the Motorola MotoActv is more expensive than other gadgets on the market, so definitely not for buying on a whim in an attempt to become fitter.

The Motorola MotoActv is available from John Lewis for £249.99.

Becca Caddy

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