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AIRE Mask: Running gadget will also charge your phone up for you


Here at Connected Health we love gadgets that make us feel fitter, but also do clever things too. So, we were excited to hear about the AIRE Mask, a device that turns your heavy workout breathing into power for your mobile phone, like a mini wind turbine inside your mouth. Clever, huh?

It may not be specially designed to get you running, or improve your fitness, but what it does do is make your run more effective, by allowing you to use your heavy breathing to charge up any gadgets that you have out and about with you, like your phone or iPod. Inside the mask are a number or small turbines, that are able to convert your breath into electrical energy to give your gadgets more juice.

Interestingly, you don’t have to wear it just when you exercise either, apparently heavy breathing while you sleep could even charge up that out-of-juice gadget too. It sounds great in theory, but do you really want a huge Hannibal Lecter-style mask on while you work out? Probably not.

However, the AIRE Mask is just at the concept stage and won’t be hitting stores anytime soon, so it might get a re-design to make it more wearable in due course. Although, it did win a Red Dot design award and the guy behind the mask, Joco Paulo Lammoglia, hopes it’ll give people more incentive to get out and about and possibly become a popular alternative energy source in the future.

[Via MSN Tech Image via Joao Lammoglia]

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