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Could fitness gadgets be the cure to childhood obesity?

mov-bandChildhood obesity is a big problem in both the US and the UK, and although there have been all kinds of efforts made to get our little ones eating much healthier (we’re looking at you Jamie Oliver) and exercising more, there are still far too many kids who are dangerously overweight and unhealthy. So could a new fitness gadget be the answer?

There have been a number of gadgets and schemes devised especially to get younger children thinking more about their bodies (read about Switch2Health over on Springwise), but often these kinds of devices are pricey or hard to get hold of in large quantities. That’s why MOVband is different. It’s a new programme that’s been launched in the states and is essentially a wristband gadget, a little like the Jawbone UP bracelet or the Fitbit. However, according to Springwise, it can be loaned out to schools, so is a little more manageable for institutions who want to help their students but have a tight budget to stick to.

The MOVband was dreamt up by a teacher who wanted to do something about the fact kids weren’t eating healthily or doing enough physical activity throughout the day. That’s why the band seems to have been specially made with kids in mind, because it’s so simple, looks fairly good and it’s really easy to use as well. It’s also a bit different because there’s a reward scheme, kids start out with a simple black band and as they walk more and do more, they get different colours to add to it, which is a nice touch and really plays on our desire to compete with one another and turn boring exercise into lots of fun!

Find out more about MOVband and how adults can put it to good use too at

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