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Get a better night’s sleep with the Zeo Sleep Manager

According to recent statistics, people are not getting enough sleep. Whether it’s our hectic lifestyles, the need to check Facebook on your phone at all times, playing poker online, or non-stop worrying, it seems our brains and bodies are paying the price.

Getting good quality sleep every night doesn’t just make you more refreshed for the next day, but it has a direct impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

There are some easy home remedies such as a warm bath or hot milk, perhaps a sprinkling of lavender oil on your pillow, banishing all use of computers, phones and tablets after 8pm. There are also many apps out there that are specifically designed to help you monitor your sleep and wake up at the optimum time for your body.

The newest addition to this market is the Zeo Sleep Manager  which aims to go one step further than most of the solutions available. Zeo brings us a comprehensive system that will monitor how much sleep we are REALLY getting every night.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile consists of an app (both iOS and Android), bedside device and headband. So you wear the headband at night, leaving its built-in sensors to detect what is going. They will send all kinds of information about how you are sleeping via Bluetooth to the app, meaning you can wake up in the morning and review exactly how you slept. You can view how much time you spent in REM and Deep Sleep and also get a Zeo score which will tell you how well you are sleeping in comparison to other people your age.

However, the Zeo isn’t just about flashy data. If you visit the MySleep section on the Zeo website you can keep track of your sleeping, as well as find online coaching tools to help you improve your sleep and see where things are going wrong.

We have tried the Zeo and found it worked really well. It gave is a very easy to understand reading with different colours representing the different stages of sleep. One tip for girls (or guys) with long hair is to wear it up to avoid headband hair in the morning.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile is available now for £89.00.


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  2. Renew SleepClock gets my vote, I bought the device for my iPhone a month ago and what I’m learning about my sleeping patterns are amazing.

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