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Connected Health » Child health gadgets » CES 2012: Video demo of the Withings Smart Baby Scale

CES 2012: Video demo of the Withings Smart Baby Scale

Connected Health is over in Las Vegas at the moment, soaking in the exciting new product launches and tech news from the CES trade show. As soon as we arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Centre this morning we headed over to the health and fitness section to see what increasingly popular health gadget brand Withings has on offer in 2012.

Withings has made a bit a name for itself with its Blood Pressure Monitor and WiFi Body Scales, but now that kind of technology is available for little ones too, allowing parents to weigh their children and then share these stats with their friends, family and online networks (as if your friend sharing news of her baby wasn’t irritating enough!) We wrote about the Withings Smart Baby Scale earlier in the week and this morning got the chance to see a quick demo of the product and its accompanying mobile app.

The Withings Smart Baby Scale goes on sale in Q2 of 2012 and the WiScale app is available for free from iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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