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Smart Heart: A fun pulse monitor for kids

smart-heartWe’ve come across all kinds of gadgets, apps and services aimed at kids in recent weeks, but we particularly like this Smart Heart from the Science Museum.

Companies create products for kids all the time, but the Smart Heart isn’t just about “tricking” them into getting a better understanding of their health and fitness through games and rewards, but makes the activity of their heart as easy to understand as possible.

You can place the Simple Heart over your heart, press a button and hear your heartbeat amplified. The idea is that kids are encouraged to use the Smart Heart after certain activities, so they can get a better understanding of how their hearts work and what gets them beating faster.

We’re not sure whether a gadget specially designed for amplifying a kid’s heart beat is really necessary, but it’s certainly an interesting way of providing them with an audio and visual representation of the way their hearts work.

You can get your hands on a Smart Heart from the Science Museum for £15.

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