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Withings launches yet ANOTHER scale, this time for kids

withings-scalesThe health tech specialists at Withings have launched yet another internet connected smart scale this week, but this time it’s specially built for little people’s feet.

The new Smart Kid Scale is aimed at babies and children up to eight years old. It’s fitted with a large screen equipped with animations and instructions about how to stand properly. For smaller kids it comes with a baby basket, but you can easily remove that as they grow.

All data is transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the accompanying application, which allows parents to take control and access the history of their child’s readings and communicate easily with medical professionals. The app is also useful because you can track other important milestones, like tracking a child’s height and keeping a note of when smaller children and babies have last eaten.

Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings, said:

“With the Smart Kid Scale, we’re hoping to bring the same positive outcomes we’ve seen in adults with weigh tracking to the adults of the future.  We’ve made it very simple for parents to track the weight progress of their children and therefore giving them a tool that will assist in turning their children into healthy adults.”

If you’re thinking all of this sounds a little familiar, it’s because Withings launched a similar device solely aimed at babies during CES 2012. Although it may seem like the company is trying to milk parents for all their cash, this latest scale makes much more sense, because the removable baby basket means it’s still useful as kids grow and grow.


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