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Zamzee health and fitness tracker for kids

zamzee-largeThere are plenty of devices aimed to get adults tracking and monitoring their health and fitness levels, like the Fitbit and Nike’s Fuelband, which have become really popular over the past few months. However, we’ve only seen a few gadgets and smaller initiatives aimed at children and younger people, like the MOVband and S2H REPLAY wristband, which don’t seem to have caught on in the same way.

Well now Zamzee aims to shake up the way our kids monitor their health and wellbeing by launching an activity monitor much like the Fitbit Ultra, which tracks data throughout the day and then feeds it back to a website, where little users can get points, compete with others and take part in online games too.

It sounds like a great idea and according to Zamzee’s latest research, which was published in Venture Beat yesterday, it’s proving to be a success too. According to the company, more than 448 kids have been using the Zamzee service and 59% were more likely to engage in physical exercise than usual afterwards and even obese kids managed to increase their physical activity by 27% using the system.

Whether kids will stay engaged with the system long enough to really make a difference remains to be seen, but by including games and adding points and leaderboards, it has the potential to keep them interested.

Check out Zamzee for more information.

[Via Venture Beat]



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