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Connected Health » Apps » NYC and Kent both have one. Where’s the London condom finder app?

NYC and Kent both have one. Where’s the London condom finder app?

There’s a certain feeling of love in the air this week, with Valentine’s Day on Tuesday just gone bringing out the romantic many (read last minute dashes to pick up flowers and chocolates).

14th February was also a National Condom Day in the US and the Health Department made sure to remind people of their ‘condom finding’ app that lets New Yorkers use their phones to find free condoms and access information about sexual health. It also comes with tips on how to use a condom correctly.

The app, which has been downloaded more than 25,000 times already, uses GPW technology to determine the five condom distribution venues closest to you. It then provides directions to each place, on foot, by car and even public transport, as well as the opening hours.

The app works across Android and iPhones, and was recently made available for Windows and Blackberry phones.

Over in Blightly, Kent took the wrapping off its very own condom finder app last month. The app directs teenagers registered with a C Card – a community-based contraception scheme – towards the nearest place where free condoms are given out. It is part of Kent Community Health NHS Trust’s drive to improve sexual health and reduce unplanned teenage pregnancies in the area.

Now we’re sure there are as many hot dates in London as in NYC so where’s the London equivalent?

Is anyone working on it?

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