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MapMyFITNESS launches app for new Facebook Timeline

map-my-fitness-largeOne of the largest and most popular health and fitness communities, MapMyFITNESS, has this week launched an app to integrate it’s users’ health and fitness data into Facebook’s new Timeline.

The dedicated application will allow users to share all kinds of health stats, goals, achievements and fitness activities with their friends. We imagine this will be really beneficial and could encourage some people to push themselves that little bit harder or connect others with friends that are trying to reach similar goals.

MapMyFITNESS isn’t just a standard “track some of the stuff I do” tool, at the moment there are many different health and fitness services available, like MapMyRUN, MapMyRIDE, MapMyWALK and MapMyHIKE, which will all be integrated into Facebook now too.

Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of MapMyFITNESS, said:

“We’re always seeking innovative ways to enable our six million members to express themselves through fitness […] Our members are fanatical about sharing their accomplishments on Facebook. We are thrilled to provide a new, more personalized experience that features deeper sharing of fitness achievements.”

If you’re a dedicated MapMyFITNESS user already, you’ll know that you’ve always been able to share bits and piece sof information with your social networks. However, this new integration means it’s slicker and easier than ever.

So, whether it’s to boast, find like-minded friends or just share your passion for fitness with your nearest and dearest, we think it’s great that MapMyFITNESS has been so quick to integrate its offering into the new Facebook Timeline, developing an app that makes sharing, collecting and monitoring health and fitness information easy. Just make sure you tailor your settings as soon as you start using the app, if you’re a fitness fanatic even your closest friends might not appreciate 20+ updates a day about your work-outs…!

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