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5 Fitness apps for Windows phones: Run the Map, Calorie Tracker and TuneIn Radio


There are so many lists and articles online detailing the best applications for iOS and Android users to track their fitness, monitor their calorie intake and keep a record of their health, but what about Windows phone users who want to get in on the action but are often overlooked?

Well, here’s our pick of five of the best new applications available to Windows phone users to help them get fitter. Get downloading now so you don’t feel too drained and lazy come January 1st.

1. 6 Week Training

6 Week Training is a pretty extreme training programme, which aims to help users achieve one hundred push-ups, two hundred sit-ups, two hundred squats, one hundred and fifty dips and twenty pull-ups. Wow. The app is constantly urging you to take tests and monitor your progress so the next week of training can be specifically tailored to your needs, which is important given just how hard the exercises will be for beginners.

Ideal for those that are already quite physically fit and really want to push themselves. It’s also great to have an app with a built-in training programme because you’re much less likely to quit!

Available for free from

2. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio isn’t necessarily a fitness application, but it’s ideal for those who spend a long time running or working out and need some motivational music while they’re on-the-go.

There are more than 50,000 stations and 1.2 million on-demand streams for you to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your music taste.

Available for free from

3. Run The Map

Run The Map is a simpler version of popular apps like RunKeeper and Nike+, it allows you to track your runs by time, distance and a clever map, which you can review later.

The good thing about Run The Map is you don’t just have to use it to run, you can take it with you during all kinds of activities, like biking and walking too.

Available for free from

4. Calorie Tracker

This calorie tracker from the team behind helps you to monitor your diet and fitness levels, as well as set a number of weight loss goals to make sure you stay on track. You can also access’s online resources to make losing weight and keeping fit even easier, such as The Daily Plate and a nutritional database of foods.

Available for free (but not for much longer) from

5. FitLife620

This gym companion app allows you to create and keep track of your fitness routines so you can see how you’re progressing every time you work out. You can also monitor your weight and measurements and calculate your BMI from within the app too.

Ideal if you’re new to working out or need a refresher course, because the app comes with detailed demonstrations and how-to guides as well.

Available for £2.29 from

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