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Facebook launches new app HealthyShare

This week Facebook has announced that it will be teaming up with General Electric to launch a brand new application called HealthyShare, which will allow users to add all kinds of health and fitness goals to their timelines. It’s about time the social network dipped its toes into the eHealth space!

According to Gigaom, the partnership has been made to coincide with the Olympics this summer and take advantage of the globe’s current fascination with sports and fitness. The app is available now and allows users to share health and fitness information, as well as take challenges that are sponsored by Olympians like Michael Johnson and Summer Sanders.

Both Facebook and General Electric have a keen interest in health. Earlier in the year Facebook announced its programme to help people share their organ donation details and GE already manufactures a range of health tech products, like MRIs and CT scanners. So, it’s potentially a great partnership, could provide users with something useful and give the brands a cool association with the Olympics at the same time.

There are already a lot of gadgets, apps and tools that allow users to share their health and fitness stats through to Facebook, whether you share your eating habits for the day or your runs, so it makes sense that the social network would provide people with a tool to shout about their goals and achievements without the need for anything else in the middle.

We’re interested to see whether the HealthyShare app proves to be popular. Do you think you’ll use it? Or would it annoy you to see the same people who upload too many photos of their babies bragging about working out too?

Check out HealthyShare on Facebook now and let us know what you think.

[Via Gigaom]

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