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Improve your physical and mental health with Mindbloom – the life game

There is a whole range of apps and gadgets on the market that will help you look after your health, such as tracking your calorie intake or monitoring your sleep patterns, but how do you go about monitoring life improvement?

Visualising your dreams and aspirations, whether it is fitting into that LBD or getting promoted, is a good way to ensure you maintain focus and continue to strive for that goal. But sometimes time and, ironically, life takes over and before you know it you’re one year older and no improvements have been made… Sound familiar?

New iPhone app and online platform Mindbloom has taken this visualisation aspect and turned the process of into a game, or as they put it help you ‘grow the life you want’.

The Mindbloom Life Game enables users to grow and care for a digital tree. This tree represents the overall quality of their physical and emotional lives, and as all ‘living’ organisms, must be nurtured.

Before you plant your tree, you are asked to decide what is important to you and why, choosing the areas of life that deserve your focus, attention and time. The next step is to figure out how you want to improve your life. The gaming aspects come in as you have to generate sunshine and rain to nurture your tree. This is done by completing various real life actions that contribute to your tree’s growth. In turn you create seeds that can be used to buy bonus features and content.

Sunshine is increased by completing intellectually and emotionally stimulating activities such as listening to music or uploading photos of friends and family. Rain is generated by doing physical and social activities, like going for a run or securing a date.

To make things more social, players can also create social circles to include friends and family.

We really like the concept. Could this be the Tamagotchi of the noughties – just with more purpose?

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  1. Jonk says:

    what an awesome idea to share with family & friends! i’m signing up & telling friends to watch my digital tree grow!

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