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LightSleeper will project soothing lights onto your ceiling to lull you to sleep


If the LightSleeper looks familiar, that’s because it’s actually been knocking around for a few years now. However, given the sudden influx of light gadgets around this time of year we thought it was about time to have a look at this slightly unusual sleeping device and ask whether it’s really going to send you off into a peaceful slumber or just really irritate you.

Most light devices on the market at the moment are designed to simulate sunlight or sunset, ensuring your body is switched onto the different times of day and lulling you into the most natural rest possible. There are also those that simulate sunlight at any point throughout the day, to help those who get down during the winter months to perk up a little bit.

However, the LightSleeper is a little different as it projects soothing lights onto your ceiling to what we can only think to describe as “mesmerise” you into sleep. You follow the lovely light with your eyes and then in theory you can slowly drift off. Of course the concept isn’t new, babies are often given flashing mobiles above their cots and night lights to help them fall asleep calmly, but we’re wondering whether a few flashing lights would have the same affect on stressed out adults.

Although the company’s claims that the gadget is “the biggest innovation in sleep since the pillow” may seem a little far fetched, if you’ve got a few spare pennies, find it hard falling to sleep on a night and you’re pretty open minded about being kind of hypnotised by a lamp, then it can’t hurt to give it a go.

Check out LightSleeper for more information or to buy a device for £125.

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